014: Copywriter Takes Personal Brand from $20k to $200k/month

Alejandro Reyes
Alejandro Reyes
014: Copywriter Takes Personal Brand from $20k to $200k/month

Brennan Hopkins shares his journey into marketing and how he found success by focusing on his unique strengths and building relationships.

He emphasizes the importance of over-delivering and being generous in business. Brennan also discusses the different approaches to audience building and monetization, highlighting the value of an engaged and loyal audience.

He provides insights into the strategies he uses to help personal brands monetize their audiences and offers advice for those looking to grow their own platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Over-delivering and exceeding expectations can lead to long-term success and a loyal audience.
  • Building relationships and connecting with people on a personal level is crucial in marketing.
  • Personal brands with large audiences often have highly consumable and digestible content.
  • Providing quick wins and making people feel better about themselves can be effective in monetization.
  • Focusing on the next logical step and creating stepping stones can lead to increased conversions.


“People love to buy stuff. We just need to create something worth buying.”

“Make your content like ice cream. It has no nutritional value, but people want it all the time.”

“Instead of optimizing for the most amount of people to take a big action, focus on getting them to take a smaller action that brings them closer.”